Most of the dream worlds are unable to sustain a truly enclosed space, for the impermanent images they are made of are too tangled in symbols and associations.

As a result, a closet usually contains a secret passage, especially if it has a colored door. You will find the passage at the very top or at the very bottom, sometimes even in the floor. The opening may seem impossibly small, but if you are not claustrophobic, you will pass easily. A little too convenient, isn’t it?

Delighted at having found a secret passage, you will feel like going through it a few more times, but that is not advisable because the crossings will all merge in the subjective timeline of the dream and leave you with a bad feeling.

Most of the closet secret passages lead to the house of an old woman, which is disappointing to those who grew up with stories of gold-piece treasures and hidden laboratories, but the discerning dreamer knows not to hold on to things that are only valuable inside the dream, for one always wakes up empty-handed in the morning.