isolated ~

The most isolated place to be called a restaurant is located on the northern road just before it enters the wilderness, next to a gas station and a few houses. (That is, the most isolated restaurant except for those under water or in space. There is a very large number of restaurants to be found in dreams, hence the relevance of this guide.)

Coffee, soup (without the roll) and pies are great choices; for the rest, the menu will mostly please those who have a nostalgic attachment to camp food.

You did not expect to go, especially after reading this review, but part of the road is flooded by a river, which forces you and your friends to turn back. You feel grateful when you see the restaurant’s lights shining through the heavy rain at nightfall.

Some of the employees accept to stay late in order to serve you food. One of your friends and the waitress recognize each other, not knowing why, from beyond memory, and stare at each other for a while without a word. They leave together after dinner, and you envy them.

You settle with your other friends on the wooden floor of an empty room in the back to spend the night. You are filled with growing doubts. Who was this young, athletic friend who had left? You know it now: it was not him, it was you who had recalled from beyond memory.